Tools & materials

Tools & materials to craft boomerangs
french supplier of wood , lead ...
materials (ABS, PP ,phenolics...)
french supplier of finnish birch & aircraft grade
all materials
precious woods , marquetery , all for inlays
burl woods , galuchat , bone
everything for marquetery & inlays
phenolics, PP,ABS ,G10
PP,ABS, plastics
stuff for composite construction
composite weblinks
stuff for composite construction (USA)
stuff for composite construction
Carbon and epoxy
stuff for composite construction
Source for composite materials, vacuum bagging
Importers of Simichrome metal polish
Russian carbon fiber and aramid
High quality abrasives
Composite materials, vacuum bagging supplies
Colorful hybrid weaves
gems & precious fine stones (F)
marquettery links
excellent portative tools for modelists
precious archives ! Danke Dir , Gerhard !!!!
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